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Managed Network Services

With managed network services we monitor your network and devices 24x7 insuring that any problems are fixed before they become catastrophes.  Our services include hardware monitoring, monitored anti-virus, software updates, and onsite tech support.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery 

We offer the best backup in the business, period.  Our backup solution can utilize both your on premise storage solution and secure offsite data centers simultaneously.  Highly secure (exceeding Mil-spec), our service continually backs up your data and stores the changed files indefinitely.  This means we can go back 1 day, 1 month or even 1 year and retrieve a file that was deleted.

Access control and Surveillance

Keep an eye on your business with our IP camera systems. Remote viewing gives you the peace of mind that everything and everyone is where they should be.    Access control keeps honest people honest and less than honest people out of controlled areas.

Phone Systems & VoIP

Commercial Datacom has extensive experience in the telecom industry.  Whether you have an existing phone system or are looking to upgrade to a VoIP phone system such as Avaya IP office, we have the expertise to guide you along the way.

Network and Premise Wiring

Commercial Datacom has installed cable in some of the largest facilities in the world.  From whole campus network wiring to simple add/change orders Commercial Datacom has you covered.  All network runs are tested and certified ensuring performance and reliability. 

Point of Sale 

Point of sale systems make transaction processing faster and more secure.  We offer hardware and software from a variety of vendors to meet the need of your unique market.   

Our POS systems can be integrated with surveillance and employee time clocks to offer seamless oversight of sales in real time.  We have programs designed with little to no upfront cost including free installation and training. 


"Daniel did a good job for our organization"    - Automatic Data Processing

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